Working together for a responsibly developed Pickering

It's time for a Pickering City Council that serves its residents over revenue

On October 24th 2022, vote for Jeanine Soligo for Pickering City Councillor Ward 1
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Jeanine Soligo

For over 16 years, my family and I have lived, gone to school, worked, played and volunteered in Pickering Ward 1.

Your voice should matter

Elect a City Council that will prioritize people over profit

Growth is inevitable, but it should be done in a way that is sustainable, responsible and inclusive. And not at the cost of Pickering’s quaint neighbourhoods and quality of living.

The people of Pickering deserve true representation where their concerns, ideas and voices are heard and addressed. That is my mandate as I put my name forward as candidate for City Councillor Ward 1.

Just so you know...

Jeanine is self-funded. She believes in investing in Pickering.

No developer donations. Jeanine does not accept donations from developers or their representatives.

No Pickering Airport. Jeanine will lobby the Federal Government to not approve a Pickering Airport.

Lobbyist Registry. Jeanine supports the creation of a lobbyist registry in the City of Pickering.

Election day is in


What matters to Jeanine

The Focus


City Growth


The current state of our municipal representation

Have you heard?

Conflict of interest?

Over 70% of donations to our current city councillors have come from those linked to property development.
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Is their vision your vision?

We have a majority in our City Council who consistently vote in favour of developers over community.
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Small businesses are at risk?

With 75 condo towers proposed along Kingston Road, many treasured local businesses are at risk of relocation.
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They're meeting behind closed doors?

The majority of City Council has voted against the Lobbying Registry for the City of Pickering, which would help to inform the public of those attempting to influence our municipal government. Learn more

Meet Jeanine & her family

Over the past several years, I’ve become disillusioned with the political process and how the concerns of the people of Pickering have been ignored. I believe that it is time for a change—and together we can make a difference.

I would be honoured to be your next City Councillor and commit fully to the role to:

  • Represent the people in Ward 1
  • Instruct city staff to set policies in place that support the community vision
  • Ensure that finances are used effectively to make what the people want for their city happen

Your voice matters and my mandate is to make sure that it is heard. 

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What those in the community have to say

We actively support Jeanine Soligo for the position of City Councillor Ward 1. Jeanine Soligo is a woman of integrity. She knows how to listen and has the courage to speak up. Jeanine has a keen ability to get to the truth of a matter and speak honestly and openly. We support her for this position without reservation and look forward to the impact she will undoubtedly make that will strengthen and support our community.

Jeremy & Heather Karram

Pickering Residents & Small Business Owners

I’ve known Jeanine Soligo for over 15 years. She is committed to making sure Pickering is a place where the people’s voices are heard. Jeanine Soligo is my choice for City Councillor Ward 1.  

April Wolanski

Pickering Resident & Small Business Owner

We are delighted and honoured to endorse Jeanine Soligo for the position of City Councillor Ward 1, in the upcoming election. She is a courageous and outstanding leader that will impact this community in a positive way. Her heart to serve and her passion for change will create pathways to new beginnings and streamline the current work that is required to build a safe and effective city. Jeanine prioritizes listening to the community and her belief and commitment to this is echoed in her words “together we can make a difference – your voice matters” We stand with you, Jeanine!

Pradeep & Krish Thirukumaran

Pickering Residents

I am a resident of Ward 1 and I have known Jeanine for 10 years. She is passionate, intelligent, informed, focused and, best of all, she gets things done! If you share the goals she has set for representing Ward 1, you should feel confident she will do everything in her power to achieve them with grace and empathy for the residents and businesses she will represent. I am delighted we have a candidate of this talent to help shape a strong future for Pickering!


Ward 1 Resident

Jeanine is a person of utmost integrity. I have known her for almost a decade and have been on the receiving end of her kindness on many occasions.
I unreservedly endorse her candidacy for Ward 1 Councillor. She will deliver on commitment, work ethic, and honesty. Jeanine is a strong and approachable leader who will listen to her constituents’ needs.

Allyson Eamer-Kofler

Pickering Resident

We as a family strongly endorse Jeanine Soligo running for the City Councillor Ward 1. Jeanine displays her love of people by investing her time and wisdom in our family over the years, consistently and faithfully. She is a great example of a woman of integrity & honesty, qualities which will serve our beautiful city of Pickering. We stand by her in this race as a candidate whom we can trust, who will make sure our voices are heard when decisions are made for our city. 

Hasangi, Bede, Eliana & Isaiah Anandappa

Pickering Residents

Jeanine Soligo is passionate about people, community and family. She loves the people and where they live in the beautiful city of Pickering. She values and respects the opinions of others and will work hard as a member for council to foster positivity for the people and city. Her love of people and her strong listening and communication skills will bring a bright, fresh and keen addition to Pickering council. Jeanine Soligo is our choice for our City Councillor Ward 1.

Dave & Donna Cook

Pickering Residents & Small Business Owner

I have personally known and worked alongside Jeanine for over a decade. Time and time again she has proven herself to be a woman of integrity who puts action to her words and convictions. So if she says she’ll help make your voice heard in Pickering, I 100% believe her. I wholeheartedly stand by and endorse Jeanine Soligo for City Councillor Ward 1. 

Sharai Viapiana

Pickering Resident & Small Business Owner

Jeanine is a woman of integrity and intellect and has our full support for Councillor Ward 1 City of Pickering. Jeanine is an incredible listener and will spend the time understanding the issues and solutions before rendering a position. We trust Jeanine to bring a reasoned and thoughtful approach to the business of City Council. Jeanine is the Councillor the City needs as we debate the growth of our city.

Derek and Anne Inward

Ward 1 Residents

Jeanine Soligo is ‘the real deal’!
She will be an efficient, effective councillor who collaborates with residents to listen, communicate and make the changes that make a difference for Pickering families. When I taught with Jeanine she was a ‘super teacher’ and worked with students and their families to make a difference as well. If I were living in Pickering Ward 1, you can be sure that Jeanine would get my vote! 



How to vote

Be informed & prepared

Who can vote?

To vote in the Pickering municipal election, you must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years or older and a resident (or owner/tenant of land) in Pickering.

Voter Lookup

Check to see if you’re on the preliminary list of eligible voters.

Ways to vote

On October 24, 2022, you can vote in person or vote electronically between October 17-24, 2022.

You can make a difference in Pickering

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